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本周六Photoshop CS3 Beta要来了?


  • Adobe Labs website [到时候去这里下]
  • Exclusive: Adobe Systems Inc. on friday will make available for download an early public beta of its next-generation graphics editor, Photoshop CS3, but will otherwise abstain from delivering pre-release copies of other Creative Suite 3.0 applications.(本周五在Adobe labs释放出Beta版PS cs3,并可下载) 本周五,也就大约是北京时间周六.
  • …… not plan to release or discuss details of other Creative Suite 3.0 applications, such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign. (没有除了Photoshop CS3 之外的其他下一代CS软件信息)
  • This week’s beta will include
    only the standard version of Photoshop CS3. [只包含标准版本PS CS3]
  • Among the many features expected in Photoshop CS3 Advance, due alongside Creative Suite 3.0 in March, are: Vanishing Point 2[透视修复工具], HDR support[高动态范围图像], rotoscoping[逐帧序列], Dicom support[医用图像文件支持], 3D file support[三维文件], and a fast fourier transform filter[快速傅立叶转换滤镜].
  • In order to download the Photoshop CS3 beta, users will need a valid serial number to one of the various Creative Suite 2.0 distributions. (下载需要验证CS2的序列号)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta to drop this Friday [原文连接]。

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